Moxa Heat Packs

$3.50+hst each, or $32+hst for a box of 10

Remember the ‘Hotshots’ you used to put in your mitts while you were skiing as a kid? Think of these as a bigger, better, more therapeutic version.

Moxabustion, a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the burning of the herb ‘Mugwort’ for the purposes of warming and tonifying. These packs don’t actually burn but get very warm and are great for many conditions including: arthritis, muscular pain, contusion, lumbago, menstrual cramps, sprains and intestinal cramps. They are also great for keeping your hands warm in cold weather!

Every box of 10 Moxa Heat Packs comes with one free application belt. These packs can reach a temperature of 122-158 degrees fahrenheit, therefore caution is required. Direct application to skin is not recommended. Avoid exposure to fire, heat source, or use with electric blanket. For external use only. Please note that prolonged exposure to a single body area can cause burns. If you are applying a heat pack to one area for a long time, wrap it in a heavy cotton cloth or towel. The packs can stay warm for up to 18 hours.

Contains: Mugwort, Iron (Fe), Cellulose, activated charcoal powder, and moisture. These packs produce no fire or smoke. Each pack measures 11cm x 14cm (4.5″ x 5.5″) ,and is good for one use only. There are 10 packs/box.


The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre

A wonderful cook book that focuses on real whole foods. Recipes are free of the common allergens dairy, eggs and gluten.