Avril Crockatt

Massage Therapist

Avril Crockatt, a Victoria native, grew up immersed in the west coast lifestyle she continues to enjoy. A passionate traveler, she has visited many countries but she finds the Island to be as unique as any of the other beautiful places she has visited.

A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (2008), she has been thrilled to be able to commence and develop her practice within the Cook Street Village Health Centre. Practicing among this group of multidisciplinary professionals has been a valuable learning experience in a supportive environment creating a net benefit to Avril and her clients.

Her passion for public interaction developed from her almost decade long experience as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, through which she gleaned a sense of accomplishment and a love of helping people. Avril’s love of sports, hiking and all things ‘Outdoors’ motivated her to obtain certification as a personal trainer.

Avril is committed to building a diverse practice, believing, as she does, that everyone’s body if unique and reacts differently to the stresses of live. She undertakes to help you maintain your body at it’s optimum using diverse techniques in recognition that everyone responds differently to treatment. Avril practices continuous learning in order to bring the benefit of new techniques & information to all her clients.